Cacao from the Alchemical Heart of the Earth

SEEDS is a pioneering a financial ecosystem and conscious digital currency designed to empower humanity & regenerate ecosystems. We are welcoming Earth Alchemy as our new community partner committed to making our planet sustainable and regenerative.

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The cacao that they offer is sourced from organic farms of Alta Verapaz — located in the central part of Guatemala — before being transported to the Ruk’u’x Ulew Women’s collective on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The social aim of Earth Alchemy is to amplify the accessibility of earth-medicines & índigenous artisan goods while empowering vulnerable communities through economic regeneration & food sovereignty projects.

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Another important task is to actively dismantle systems of oppression by prioritising access to BIPOC/LGBTQ2AI+ beings by encouraging the education of eco-psycho-social mindfulness. This aim is vital in order to create space for connection & trust-building by laying the foundation for a cooperative economic system that prioritises health over wealth and empowers our individual and collective dreams. Considering filling out this Co-Creation form to explore ways we can uplift each other and assist in ushering in a flourishing earth filled with seeds that we can nourish, sprout, and grow, laying the foundation for a prosperous life for all.

Become an Earth Alchemist

SEEDS is aiming to cooperate with Earth Alchemy in order to:

  • Promote organic and sustainable farming, as well as local food sovereignty
  • Empower local mayan families with economic security through redistribution of (w)health.
  • Support community building and empowerment projects and projects aiming for human connection, social inclusion and equality
  • Amplify the accessibility of a potent antioxidant-rich medicine that increases blood flow (oxygen & nutrients), and contains theobromine: a mild stimulant that enhances cognitive function and respiratory health
  • Develop regenerative agriculture programs that optimise food production through land-use-planning and the recovery of local agro-biodiversity, linked with local ancestral knowledge.

We are looking forward to cooperation since all of us are stakeholders of this planet. We look forward to co-creating a sustainable planetary culture with you.

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